Timetable Advanced Implant Certificate Course

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Course Dates Certificate in Advanced Implant Dentistry Year Course
Group 1 Starting October 2024
Group 1 Dates

Day 1 - Saturday 19th October 2024

Day 2 - Saturday 16th November 2024

Day 3 - Saturday 11th January 2025

Day 4 - Saturday 8th February 2025

Day 5 - Saturday 8th March 2025

Day 6 - Saturday 12th April 2025

Day 7 - Saturday 17th May 2025

Day 8 - Saturday 14th June 2025

Day 9 - Saturday 12th July 2025

Day 10 - Saturday 6th September 2025

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Guided Surgery

Use Nobel DTX digital implant plannin software.

Use CBCT scans to determine optimal implant positioning

Create 3D printed Surgical Guides for implant placement

Perform flapless surgery in under 30 minutes

Combining guided surgery with flaps and bone augmentation

Bone Grafting Techniques

Onlay Block Grafting

Ridge Splitting Techniques

Advanced Simultaneous Grafting

Membrane Fixations with Screws and Tacks

Predicatble Socket Grafting with over 98% volume preservation

Immediate Placement, All-on-4 and Immediate Loading

All-on-4 same day teeth

All-on-many immediate loading

Immediate Placement and Immediate Loading

Sinus Grafts & Sinus Lifts

Lateral Window Sinus Grafts

Crestal Approach Sinus Lifts


X-Guide Digital Navigation

X-Guide System from X-Nav

Real Time GPS for Implant Surgery

Increased placement accuracy with Virtual Guides

CT Scan to Surgery in one visit

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